Growin' up

Friday, May 6, 2011 | |

Jack is about to finish his first year of school. I'm so proud of us both for completing a year of homeschooling.
It's neat to look back to the begining of the school year and see all that he's learned in 9 months.
I'm glad though that this school year is coming to an end and we get a LONG summer break.
I think next year we are going to try a co-op that will meet once a week in addition to the homeschool PE class that he takes 2 days a week.
Jack turned 6 right before Christmas and has lost 4 teeth throughout this school year.
He has already had a lot of firsts in 2011: got stitches, joined a soccer team, caught a pigeon,
caught a ribbon snake, and won first place in a mutton bustin competition at the Houston Rodeo. Here are some pictures of our Big Boy...


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