Lickity Split L&D

Friday, May 11, 2012 | |

I never would have imagined experiencing a L&D like I did with Little Rex. My due date was December 15th, I had told myself from the beginning not to expect this baby to come early and that was a good thing. Both Jack and Tilly were late so I just assumed this little guy would be too...and he was. Six days late to be exact. And actually, I was induced, so who knows how long he would have stayed in there. I say I was induced but really my midwife just stripped my membranes and gave me some voodoo potion (okay, really it was just some special tea to help get contractions going). It was the 6th day past my due date and one day before Jack's Birthday and only 4 days before Christmas and I wanted that baby OUT!! After my midwife did the procedure I went home (Brad had already taken off that day, so he was home) and Brad and I started to pack up last minute things, put clean sheets on the bed and we made some calls. This was around 11am. My midwife told me that the contractions should start a few hours after the procedure and I should have him around dinner time. I went home thinking I would be laboring all afternoon and go back in around 4 or 5. Around around 12:00 I had my first contraction it was painful but it didn't last long at all. Maybe about 15-20seconds. Then I would have another one a minute later. I thought maybe it was really one contraction with a little break in the middle. Nope! From the begining my contrations were about a minute apart. Some would be 3 minutes apart, but for the most part they were back to back, but not lasting long. I just wasn't sure what was going on, there was no pattern just alot of short, painful contractions. The kids were still home with us and we decided we might as well have Sandra come pick them up for the afternoon. That was a very good decision because 10 minutes after she left our house, we left for the birth center. We had called all our people that were going to meet us at the birth center and told them I was definately in labor but I wasn't sure how far along I was. around 1:35 the pain GREATLY increased and I told Brad we need to go NOW! We left for the center. Once I was in the car, the contractions were SO intense and I only had about a 20 sec. break between them. All I could say was "It HURTS!!" over and over and over again. We live about 10 minutes from the birth center and when we were about 2 minutes away I began to feel pressure. I thought, OH CRAP!! Then I started yelling, "GET THERE NOW, HE'S COMING, WE HAVE TO GET THERE NOW!!!" We pullled into the parking lot and I was thinking I'm not gonna be able to move my legs to get out of the car, and I knew I only had a 20 sec. break to get out of the car and into the birth center. I had a contraction, Brad was at the door encouraging me to get out of the car because he knew another one was about to come. I made it out of the car and took about 10 steps, another contraction came, my water broke and I screamed, "MY WATER BROKE!!" and then Rex's head came out! Then I became hysterical, screaming, "His head is out!!!" Brad picked me up and another guy came over and helped carry me into the birth center. They layed me down right in the nurses station and as they pulled my pants off I delivered the rest of Rex. IT WAS CRAZY!!!! I still can't believe it! I am just so thankful to God for protecting us that day and being so gracious to give me such a short labor and delivery! If we had caught 1 red light Rex would have been born in our car. Thank you Jesus!! Oh yeah, the time of birth was 1:50. Total time from first contraction to delivery was about 2 hours!!


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